Fun Family-Friendly Workouts

Family playing frisbeeChildren are always paying close attention to their parents. They pick up on everything you do, from speaking to fashion, and even the best and worst parts of your personality. It’s no surprise, then, that children can learn a lot from their parents on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The food and active choices you make for your family can leave lasting impressions on them. You can set a healthy example for your children regardless of how old they are. Here’s some exercises and activities you can do with your kids to keep you and your family healthy.

Playground Obstacle Course

Exercise doesn’t have to be constrained to the gym. You can get a great workout in for yourself and the whole family pretty much anywhere. For a fun family obstacle course, head to your nearby playground and challenge the family to run from station to station doing short exercises and see who finishes first. Take this course for example and see who can do 5 rounds the fastest:

  • 5 Swing Set squats: Stand in front of a swing and squat low until your rear is almost in the swing seat, then stand up and repeat. (Try one leg for extra leg work)
  • 5 Bench Dips: Next find run to a bench or other stable platform and drop down for tricep dips. Make sure your elbows go back and your fingers are facing forward.
  • 1 Leg Stair Climb: If you have some stairs up to a slide, hop up those stairs on one leg only and slide back down to the ground.
  • Monkey Bars: This is where your kids will absolutely have the advantage! But give the monkey bars a try and if you can’t quite swing from bar to bar, try to hang in place for 10 seconds instead. This will help to build your grip and upper body strength.

We just got inspired by this family who decided to get fit together on their family reunion! Take a look at the video below:

Family Yoga

Yoga is one practice that kids can start at any age. Some studios offer mommy and me yoga classes that help infants learn movements and connect with their parents. You might also find family-friendly classes for toddlers to young children at a yoga studio near you. If not, you can always start family yoga at home by practicing with some of your favorite yogis online! You can check out YouTubers like Jessamyn Stanley , a popular Black yoga instructor turning the idea of the stereotypical yoga body on its head.

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