Judge Glenda Hatchett & Son On A Mission To Make Sure What Happened To Kira Doesn't Happen To The Women You Love

In 2016, Kira Dixon Johnson, a remarkable woman who spoke 5 languages and travelled the world died following what was suppose to have been a routine cesarean section. What happened to Kira during and in the hours following her cesarean section has shocked and appalled many people!

When speaking about her death, husband Charles put it best when he said “postpartum hemorrhage happens, but [what happened to Kira] didn’t have to happen”. Following Kira’s death, Charles and his mother, powerhouse attorney and celebrity TV Judge Glenda Hatchett embarked upon a crusade to honor Kira’s memory while also advocating for reforms that will protect Mothers and their unborn babies everywhere.

Here, Dr. J and Dr. I present Kira, Charles and Judge Hatchett’s story of love, loss and rebirth.

Visit  4kira4moms.com for more information. 

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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