The Link Between Certain Cancers, Diets & Exercise

Many Americans are just coming around to the correlation that “food is medicine”, let alone, the #1 top recommendation of good nutrition and regular exercise is still left ignored. In speaking of stats, cancer sits at the #2 spot in the top leading causes of death in the United States.

Some still are up in the air about how important it is to incorporate a proper diet and exercise lifestyle. Well, we’ve gathered a complete list of the sometimes confusing, unobvious, and complicated relationships between diet, exercise and 13 specific cancers from the American Cancer Society:

Bladder Cancer
Smoking is a major cause of bladder cancer, so one option for prevention is clear. There’s some evidence that you can also lower your risk by eating plenty of vegetables and drinking lots of fluids.

Brain Cancer
As far as anyone can tell, diet and exercise don’t have any effect on your risk for brain cancer.

Breast Cancer
There are never any guarantees when it comes to breast cancer, but you can

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