Traditional VS Alternative Medicine: Americas Weigh In

Americans and especially African Americans have had a long history of home remedy use. In fact, slavery and segregation prevented African Americans from seeking traditional medical care for years. Thus, leaving black people with illnesses that had to be treated alternatively.

With no other choices, they would formulate their own alternates to medicine with home remedies that were essential in their survival. Many still use these same tactics in today’s modern society, as the medical world plays catch-up to the genetic differences in races and how medical care correlates.

According to a new government report, Americans spend a good chunk of their health care dollars on alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic care and natural supplements.

In fact, they paid more than $30 billion out of pocket in 2012 on chiropractors and other complementary health practitioners, as well as supplements and other forms of alternative medicine.

“Substantial numbers of Americans spent billions of dollars out-of-pocket on these approaches — an indication that users believe enough in the value of these approaches to pay for