Comedian KevOnStage: “It’s All About Balance”

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If you laugh at viral videos you see on facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube, then you’ve probably laughed at comedian Kevin Fredericks, widely known on social media as @KevOnStage. The father and husband of over 12 years, has created viral videos on everything from horrible mac and cheese to bad church songs and celebrity relationships. All of the videos have his signature smile and quick-witted humor that fans around the world love.

I’m personally a big fan. Seeing that the majority of Kevin’s comedy is not over-the-top raunchy and still can appeal to the everyday family, his comedy gets played at my house, even when the kids are up (parents know what I mean).

But Fredericks might not have ever made the jump to comedy it wasn’t for a little for a lie his brother told him.

“I started doing stand-up on a dare. I told my brother I was thinking about doing the church talent show in high school. And he told me that this girl that we were friends with thought I wasn’t funny and shouldn’t do it. After that, I said I was certainly going to do it. Turns out she never said that; he only told me that to get me started,” Fredericks told The Root.

After getting his feet wet into the initial stand-up routine, he kept it going through college. Although Fredericks is a comic, his faith does play a big role in his material.

“A basketball player can be a Christian, but he’ll cross you up! In the name of Jesus, bow down! I’ll dunk on the devil! So, when I do my comedy, I don’t want people to think that I’m only gonna do jokes about church because then they want to put you in a box of what you can talk about and who you can talk about, and I won’t do that. So, I cut my teeth in regular stand-up comedy clubs, with drunks and hecklers. And I did that because I wanted to make sure that if I was gonna do this, I need to be regular good. Not only good in the church. I need to be good where people don’t know your funny. I can never assume that anybody who sees me is already fans. I wanna approach it as if it’s my first time, and I wanna earn a new fan.

“Being a Christian is how you live your life totally, not just what you say on stage or social media. What you do every morning, night, afternoon, all that type of stuff. So, I’m a Christian all day long. I’m a Christian when I do stand-up, I’m a Christian at work, I’m a Christian in the way I live my life. So, I just choose to talk about…

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