Teens Create App For People In Distress: “It’s Ok To NOT Be Ok”

Some people say suck it up, others say, “you’ll get over it.” But when you’re in trouble, or feel that you have no one, it’s hard to do either one of those. Especially when your friends or support group aren’t near you.

The notOK™ App takes the guesswork out of asking for help when you are feeling vulnerable.

Whether you suffer from loneliness, anxiety, depression, stress, or anything else, immediate help is only the tap of a button away.

After developing POTS, a condition that causes her to faint, then 15-year-old Hannah Lucas, was terrified of being alone. What would happen to her if she fainted and no one was around?

Hannah’s fears quickly spiraled into anxiety and deep depression, which led to self-harm. By the end of her freshman year of high school, she missed 196 classes due to her condition.

It was during one of Hannah’s lowest moments, alone in her room and contemplating self-harm, when the idea for the notOK App™ was born. What if there was a button she could press and someone would immediately know she was not okay?

(Photo credit: notOKapp.com)

When her condition stabilized, Hannah was able to take coding and entrepreneurship classes at local colleges, which empowered her to see her vision through.

Watching his older sister suffer from a disorder made brother Charlie feel utterly helpless. He couldn’t drive her to doctor appointments. He couldn’t make her better. He couldn’t even catch her when she fainted.

But Charlie knew he could step in to help his sister when she told him about an idea for an app she’d had. With the family nickname, “Tech Support,” Charlie went to work. He wireframed the app’s basic premise and figured out the best workflow. He even built Hannah a website and created their first logo.

(Photo credit: notOKapp.com)

When you can’t think of the right words, the notOK App™ takes the guesswork out of getting the help and support you need through immediate support from your friends, family, or peer network.

To use the app, all you have to do is register and enter up to 5 trusted contacts. The notOK™ App takes care of the rest. They notify your trusted contacts that they have been selected as your support group, so when the time comes…

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