Tech Neck, Addiction & Cell Phone Use

171 Minutes, roughly 3 hours, per day are spent by Americans on cell phones and other mobile devices. That is more than 85 hours a month with our faces in our palms! With so much time spent on phones and other devices, they must be having some effect on us other than the occasional “phantom vibration”, right?

In fact, studies have shown that so much time spent on these devices has a variety of effects from physical to psychological. From tight or sore neck and shoulder muscles to depression-like symptoms, overuse of mobile and cellular devices affect us in more ways than we realize.

“Tech Neck” is a phrase that has crept into the lexicon in recent years in reference to postural changes associated with increased time spent on cell phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. Frequent and prolonged cell phone use can advance and worsen postural related conditions such as tight and sore muscles in your arms, neck or back.

Because most people use their cell phone in a low position with minimal extension of the arms, shoulders, and elbows, the head is generally down and forward when looking at our screens. This forward head posture is worsened and exacerbated when cell phone overuse is coupled with long hours at a computer or other seated workstation.

If you experience frequent neck and shoulder pain, particularly associated with computer work or mobile phone use you likely have