Gym Plateaus, When Are You Exercising Enough?

How many of us have gone to the gym for weeks and months consistently but aren’t sure if we are doing enough? Whether you have hit a plateau or are beginning your fitness journey, keeping track of your progress is important to maintaining motivation.

The simplest way to know that you are working out enough is to set and keep track of your progress through measurable goals. Whether the goal is increasing in weight or repetitions, strength, flexibility, speed or distance, if you are consistently hitting and exceeding them then you are on a healthy regimen. Goals should challenge you but also be achievable and practical.

Finding your setpoint and base level of fitness is always a great place to start. If you are weight training taking a note of your maximum weight and repetitions for major muscle groups or exercises is always a good start. Common exercises that people record and measure maximum weight include bench press, squats, shoulder press, power cleans and deadlifts.

If you are building endurance you may want to measure the number of repetitions you can do with a specific weight. For those newly into running, keeping track of your times and distances early on and throughout your progression will ensure you are meeting your goals.

Another great way to measure the efficacy of your workout regimen is to