20 Questions To Get To Know Your Relatives In A New Way

Family can be like those go-to worn-in jeans that you find yourself slipping out of your closet over and over again. They don’t require much thought, because you know what to expect when you put them on. Family is called “family” for a reason, right? They’re familiar.

Are you expecting another holiday gathering where grandma tells the same story from fifteen Christmases ago and Uncle Greg falls asleep in his chair? Try shaking up your holiday season gatherings by asking your relatives some of these questions.

Just like those worn-in jeans, your family can still surprise you—when you add something fresh into the mix. Don’t let Great Aunt Gladys intimidate you! Persist with these questions and it’ll pay off with a chance to connect in a new way.

  1. Who are the five greatest musicians of all time?
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