100-Pound Weight Loss: “Don’t Let Nobody Tell You What You Can’t Do”

(Photo credit: @msfitnessgotcurves314 instagram)

Weight loss transformations on Instagram can be tricky. Some people use camera angles, filters, and other camera tricks to make it seem like they lost weight. But those who have truly lost weight, you can tell and be motivated by them. That’s why when fans of Dora, better known as @MsFitnessGotCurves314 on Instagram suggested that we feature her for TransformationTuesday, we jumped on it. Not only is she honest and truthful, she went from 257 pounds to 168 pounds and looks absolutely amazing! She’s had a 90-lb weight loss in just 7 months! That feat in itself is incredible!

She shares on her social media that it was really her attitude that changed that made her weight loss happen.

(Photo credit: @msfitnessgotcurves314 instagram)

“Age 18 at my senior prom in 2002 size 24 dress,” Dora says on Instagram. “I really didn’t wanna go to prom but my mother made me go because she didn’t want me at home and she wanted me to enjoy myself. But I got teased a lot for being overweight so that’s why I didn’t wanna go. But fast forward to now age 34 (soon to be 35 in April) I’m a size 7/8. I lost a lot of weight to become a healthier and stronger person. I did it for me! It took a lot of hard work and discipline.”

“I remember when I first would tell people ‘Imma lost weight and get healthy’ they would just laugh and say ‘Girl yeah right you can’t lose no weight, you’re meant to be fat.’ Yeah, it hurt my feelings to hear people say that but it only motivated me more to do it. I didn’t let negative ass people get in my head because it would have discouraged me but it didn’t!! I knew it would be hard but I was able to do it with self-will and determination. So I want others to know they can do it too!! DON’T LET NOBODY TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN’T DO!!!”

(Photo credit: @msfitnessgotcurves314 instagram)

“I’ve come so far in my weight loss journey because I never gave up on myself even though many said I couldn’t do it. I kept pushing and pushing and going harder. On the left is me 18 about to head out to my senior prom my dress was a size 24. And on the right is me now age 34(35 next month on the 11th) size 7. I’m so proud of myself and the dedication I’ve put in over the years. I’ve had many setbacks but…

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