6 Reasons Why Millennial Mothers Are Opting To Stay Home

As a soon-to-be first-time mom, I’ve had my grievances with making my decision to stay home with my little one once she arrives. I figured, the first few years are the most important, and once she’s at the age to start school, I’ll be fine to let her leave the nest.

However, the thoughts: “Will I become bored?”, “How will I juggle freelance gigs at the same time?”, “What will my day-to-day look like?” – have all ran across my mind. But I think the ultimate deciding factor came down to, “who do I want to raise my child?” With all the important women in my life living states away, I literally had no choice but to buckle up and get ready for this ride called “motherhood”.

Still questioning whether you should make the leap too? Here are 6 reasons why millennial mothers are opting to stay home.

1. It Gives You More Flexibility

There’s no way you could ever attend fun Mommy-and-Me classes, go to work for