Tracee Ellis Ross Shows Off Her Real 47-Year-Old Body with No Filter

(Photo credit: @traceeellisross instagram)


Social media, with all of its filters has gotten everybody all messed up. When you take a look at some of these people, especially celebrities, their social media feed is filled with pictures and videos that have special angles and filters to make it look better. And that’s not real life.

But have you seen actress Tracee Ellis Ross lately? Recently, the star just turned 47 and on her birthday, she released a number of pictures showing off her fit and shapely 47-year-old body–which looks amazing!

“It’s my birthday,” the black-ish star posted on her Instagram. “I’m 47 today and I’m filled with gratitude. I LOVE getting older and I LOVE my life.”

“I’m so grateful to be living this life I’m in. I’ve worked so hard to feel good in my skin and to build a life that truly matches me and I’m in it and it feels good. I remain curious and teachable and so it will all keep getting better. No filter, no retouch 47-year-old thirst trap! Boom!”

So, how does Tracee stay in such amazing shape? Well,