What The #%@%! How Swearing Actually Makes You Healthier

Growing up, most of us were told that swearing, cursing or cussin’ (whatever you want to call it) was bad. At least I wasn’t allowed to do it, it was always looked down upon and regarded as something that only bad people do, unless it was my uncle, lol. He used swear words like an art form, LOL.

But I digress. Medical researchers actually found that swearing can actually help you and your body in so many ways. Here are just three reasons why you should swear a little bit more:

1.) Swearing can help relieve stress

“Studies show that when you put people in stressful situations and tell them they cannot swear, their performance goes down and their experience of stress is much greater,” explains computer scientist and author Emma Byrne, PhD. She points to research done in airplane cockpits and operating rooms: Pilots and surgeons who are allowed to swear on the job are better able to recover from stressful events (think: tricky takeoffs and landings, or a real stressful, life-altering surgery) compared to pilots and surgeons who aren’t permitted to curse. So remember, a few curse words can be a useful way to blow off some f*cking steam and get the job done.

2.) wearing while you sweat may make you physically stronger

You know those grips you can squeeze to build finger, hand, and forearm strength? Well, they work much better if you curse while you squeeze, according to researchers. “We’ve seen that you can exercise much more force on those objects and also do it for longer if you’re swearing while you hold them,” explains Byrne. “It increases your

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