A Checklist For Traveling Abroad: 7 Tips You Need To Know

Your flight is booked, bags are packed, and your living accommodations are secured. But there’s more to traveling abroad than just the basic itinerary. Proper planning before taking a trip to a foreign country could make the difference between a memorable experience and a tumultuous one.

Depending on where you’re headed, there are things that are imperative that you be aware of based on the culture, the climate, the currency system, etc. Today, we’ll break down some of the most important tips that you should be aware of (no matter the destination) when traveling abroad.

1. Vaccines

Before taking an international trip, it is important to be aware of the necessary vaccinations to protect yourself from serious illnesses. The CDC website gives specifics on which vaccines are required based on your travel destination. It is recommended to get your shots at least two months before leaving the country.

You should also read up on travel notices (also found on the CDC’s website) regarding any new outbreaks in the area. Also, check with your insurance provider (as most vaccines are not covered by

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