7 Times You Should NOT Post To Social Media

facebookWe live in a time of “over-sharing.” Yet, in the wake of many celebrities and high profile business men and women getting busted for something they’ve said on social media, we’ve comprised this simple list of when to stay off of social media. Because, ladies and gentlemen, despite what you’ve heard, everything digital can be reproduced (even if it’s deleted). Take a look:

7. When You’re Angry or Upset
Just like when you’re in an argument with someone while heated, you may say things that you really regret.  And while in the real world you can forgive and forget, everything digital

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6. When You Want To Tell The Whole Story, But Can’t
There’s few things in social media more annoying that when someone creates a post that is vague yet emotional.  It’s like someone tells you something

5. When You’re Lonely
Some may not agree with this, but when you’re lonely and you post it on social media, everyone may not feel like giving you the “warm & fuzzy” feeling that you need at that moment.  It’s those not-so-good responses to your lonely posts that may take you deeper into depression.

4. When You’re In The Middle Of A Breakup
You’re in a relationship, then you’re not.  Your relationship status keeps changing like Samuel L. Jackson’s wigs in movies.  People don’t want to see that, let alone be bothered with it.  If you’re in the middle of a breakup or rough patch in your relationship, keep it to yourself. If it’s open to the public, it gives the public the opportunity to swoop in and make the real relationship worse.

3. When You Have Committed A Crime
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised about how many people very blatantly brag on social media about the illegal movies they’ve downloaded or the clothes they’ve “borrowed” or even how they’ve illegally entered someone’s place.  If that’s you, stay off of social media

2. When You’re Obsessed With Someone
If you find yourself constantly checking someone’s facebook, twitter, AND instagram, it may be time for you to stop, take a break and get off of social media.  Evaluate why you are so interested in this person’s life and see if it’s really healthy for you.  Internet stalking is real, but it can be cured by logging off and doing something more beneficial.

…and the number ONE time you shouldn’t post on social media is…

1. When You Don’t Know All The Facts
This by far crosses across racial, ethnic and age lines.  There are so many untruths on social media, that it’s baffling.  One of the best things about the internet is also one of the worst things: that anybody can say ANYTHING at any time–even if it’s untrue.  Many of these so-called sites come up with crazy headlines just to get you to click or start mess.  Do your research. Find out the facts, then post.  Not before, not during.

If you follow even half of these suggestions, your time on social media will not only be more productive, it will be more fun!