Charles Ramsey Destined To Deal With Traumatic Stress

Within hours of becoming a national hero, a viral video star and the top topic on Twitter, Charles Ramsey talked about having trouble getting sleep. It wasn’t because of all the excitement that followed his knocking down a Cleveland neighbor’s door, freeing three women and a little girl who police say were held hostage for years.

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Instead, Ramsey told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, it was about knowing he had lived for a year near the captive women on the city’s West Side.

“Up until yesterday the only thing that kept me from losing sleep was the lack of money, I could have done this last year, not this hero stuff.” Ramsey says.


Charles Ramsey says he’s “a Christian and an American” who did the right thing in responding to Amanda Berry’s calls for help.

Everyone who is in any way involved with this disturbing event may experience trauma reactions.

They might experience these reactions if you:

· Were a witness or were involved in the event.
· Arrived upon the scene of the event.
· Had a “near miss” or were almost involved in the event.
· Knew or know others who were killed, harmed, or involved in some way.
· Have a relationship with family or friends of victims.
· Are reminded of other traumatic incidents in your life by this event.

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