The One Thing Men Overlook in the Mirror

I’ll give you a hint. It’s skin care. Some men may think it isn’t “masculine”. Some may be unaware of what products to use. For some, it may not even cross their minds. Moreover, when we see commercials or any forms of advertisements for skin care products, it usually features a woman, further reinforcing the idea that skin care is only for women. But this thought process couldn’t be further from the truth since men also deal with aging, acne, pigmentation, and sensitivity. In fact, according to science, men have 1/3 thicker skin than women, making skin care absolutely essential. How do you think celebrities like Columbus Short and Kevin Hart keep their skin so smooth? Well, actually, they have revealed the actual products that they use! First, let’s talk about the importance of skin care for men and specific routines that will improve skin in further detail.
To put things into perspective, the largest organ in the human body is the skin. Skin’s purpose is to help protect our vital organs from harmful bacteria along with helping to maintain a certain internal temperature. Several everyday factors affect our skin: the sun, cold temperatures, the wind, smoking (for smokers), and air pollution, to name a few. Ultraviolet rays from the sun literally kills skin cells. Both cold and windy weather often dry our skin (sometimes resulting in an over-production of oil from the skin- leading to acne). Nicotine in cigarettes restricts the blood flow to the skin, subsequently prohibiting a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Air pollution increases bacteria on the face. The face needs extra care because not only is it completely exposed to harmful elements, but also because it’s the main part of the body that we pay attention to.
Here are some simple, yet surprising ways men can improve the health and appearance of skin on their faces. Surprisingly, you should was your face last in the shower. The reason is shampoo particles can stick to your face after washing your hair. Possibly more shocking is the fact that it’s more important to wash your face at night than in the morning. Why? Because all of the bacteria from the day has settled on your by then. After washing your face, exfoliation is a great idea. All skin cells die. The face is no different. Exfoliation removes the dead skin, allowing the healthy skin underneath to show. Next apply lotion or sunscreen to help protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Also, make sure that your phone is clean. Seriously. With as many times as it touches our faces, a dirty phone will transfer oils and dirt to you.
Laz Alonso, a star of the show “Infamous” on NBC is serious about his skincare game. The gentleman, and star of new NBC series “Infamous” uses “Nettoyant Visage cleanser by Guinot”, which is great for oilier skin. He exfoliates with “Shiseido Men Deep Cleansing Scrub” and moisturizes with “Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer”. Kevin Hart uses “Crème De La Mer” moisturizing cream and “La Mer The Eye” concentrate. Father’s Day is right around the corner. Let’s look good!