Aggressive Prenatal Care to Help Battle Preterm Births

Over 200,000 women go into preterm birth each year, oftentimes leading to health issues for both mother and baby. Factors like age, weight, medical conditions, stress, and lifestyle all can contribute to risk for preterm labor. One of the most shocking, however, is that black women have a 50% increased chance of preterm birth than white mothers, as well as other complications. Even tennis superstar, Serena Williams, has faced some of the complications that many black women face.

Dr. Jamil Abdur Rahman, OB/Gyn, and TV personality, said, “African-American women are at higher risk for pregnancy complications and therefore need to be more aggressive about prenatal care. Simple things like taking your prenatal even before conception and making sure the prenatal formulation is adjusted for any risk factors you might have.” While we cannot do much to change our environments or genetic predispositions, we can take charge of our diet and lifestyle. Listed below are several of the most essential nutrients for creating a happy environment for a developing baby:

Folate- Folate (or Folic Acid) is most widely known for being an essential part of pregnancy nutrition, as it helps protect the fetus from neural tube defects. Studies have also shown that taking the recommended amount of 600-800 mg per day, can decrease a woman’s chances of preterm labor by up to 70 percent.