Art “Chat Daddy” Sims: Real Talk About Cancer


Art “Chat Daddy” Sims, has been hosting relationship chats over two decades and has made a history of connecting people all over the world through honest, real conversations.  In March 2010, he was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia.

While he is currently in remission, he’s lending his voice to help shed light on this disease.

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How did you find out about your disease?

In January of 2010, I was not feeling well, thinking that maybe I had a really bad cold or the flu. So I was treating myself with over the counter cold medicine, only after a few weeks of taking the cold medicine my condition and symptoms were not getting any better. I finally went to see my primary care doctor who conducted a series of blood test. My results came back and  I test positive for leukemia. The diagnosis of Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), occurs when something goes awry in the genes of your blood cells and it doesn’t always reveal itself with obvious signs and symptoms during the early phase.

What is the toughest aspect of living with the disease?

Thank goodness that I’m currently in remission but I suffer from  a lot of health issues…like running a mild fever all of a sudden, night sweats and chronic pain. My CML caused me to have excruciating bone pain and joint pain, both of my knees are in need of replacement. I had bad knees prior to being diagnosed with CML. Due to my CML my knee condition has worsened. I also suffer from extreme bouts of fatigue and dental issues due to my CML.  my immune system can be very easily compromised.

How do you manage your busy work schedule, yet still stay healthy?

I’ve learn to take more “me” time, nothing is more important than your health. Because I have such a hectic schedule, I start my mornings off with meditation and prayer. Since being diagnosed I’ve had to learn how to better deal with stressful situations. Getting plenty of rest, exercise and eating a balanced diet plays a big part in your dealing with leukemia

What would you advise someone who has this condition to do?

Always think positive and keep a positive attitude about your  Cancer plays a big part in your survival. I really do feel in my heart that stress does cause cancer.  Once you are told that you have cancer all different types of emotions tend to set in from  various  degrees of depression, anxiety, and fear of the unknown and/or even death. If you work hand in hand with your Cancer treatment team, having leukemia is not a death sentence but you must listen to your oncologist and hematologist, by following their instruction and guidelines of getting you to or keeping you in remission with this condition.


What’s next for you?

After such a wonderful career in media I’m now changing  my focus towards my passion of being a Chef. I’m currently in the process of showcasing my culinary skills by hosting a Sunday Brunch series  at award winning Brown Sugar Bakery on Chicago’s south side. I’ve created a few comfort food dishes that my guest will enjoy, while educating them on healthy comfort food alternatives. When battling cancer, it’s so important that you get a well balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

Sip, Chat & Chew with Chat Daddy Sunday Brunch series begins Sunday,Jan 26 and will run every Sunday through the end of February, for more info on the brunch series or to reserve a seat, please visit: Or you can show your support with a donation for his cancer treatment.

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