Baby Lotion Isn’t Just For Babies

woman great skin lotion

Today when I get off of work, I am going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, get some products for my hair, and a bottle of baby lotion. I’m an adult woman with no children. So why the baby lotion? I think the answer is obvious. Have you felt the softness of a baby’s skin before? That is exactly what the lotion aims to protect, the delicate nature of the skin. Baby lotion forms a protective layer over the skin, which can help keep sensitive adult skin from getting irritated or dry.

If your skin is extremely dry (dehydrated even) or chaffed, baby lotion can help. It has even been known to improve eczema. Some adults just have sensitive skin. Period. If you find yourself breaking out with a reaction to the lotion you’re using now, you may want to try baby lotion since it is hypoallergenic and made with fewer to no chemicals and alcohol in it. Another circumstance that may call for baby lotion is if you want to help fade stretch marks.