5 Reasons Bacon Just Might Be Good For You

Two strips of bacon in a skilletBacon? Good for you???

Okay, before you get excited…we do NOT recommend that you go crazy and eat bacon all day long. As always, moderation is key. However, indulging moderately in your favorite foods is actually a well-known strategy for successful weight management…and overall happiness.

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So, what are the five best benefits of bacon?

1. Protein: Each serving of bacon is approximately 3 slices which is about 37 grams of animal protein. That’s more than half your daily required dose of protein.

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2. B Vitamins: Bacon is high in B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. B vitamins are essential for a healthy body: they reduce headaches, produce antibodies and hemoglobin, manage glucose levels and help maintain normal nerve function.

3. Reduces Cravings: As you probably know, healthy fats are much better for you than sugar. Yet, many of us have sugar cravings, too. If you have a slice or two of bacon when experiencing a sugar craving, it naturally decreases it.

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4. Enhances Flavor: Just add a tablespoon or two of bacon bits to an otherwise less-than-inspiring healthy dish (such as a salad), and you will find yourself eating healthy way more often.

5. Makes You Happy: A flavor called umami contributes to bacon’s great taste. Other positive side effects of umami are an enhanced positive mood and lower stress levels. In short, consuming bacon will make you happy.


(Oh, and by the way, April Fools!)