Beauty Do’s & Don’ts After Your 30s From Veteran Soap Star Turned Cosmetics Mogul Vera Moore

Vera Moore

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Staying on top of the latest beauty trends can be a chore – between surfing the ‘net, scrolling through magazines, watching endless “how to” clips on YouTube and scrolling through dozens of feeds on Instagram. So overwhelming, in fact, we often throw in the towel, oftentimes sticking to what we “know.” Unfortunately, most of what we “know” is dated.

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While shimmering eye shadow, falsies, and creamy blush may have been fresh and fun in you’re 20s, the wrong makeup look can instantly age you as you grow older. So, in an effort to remain fresh, flawless and fabulous, we reached out to beauty mogul Vera Moore.

In the ‘70s, Moore, who was born to working-class parents in Queens, New York, became one of the first Black actresses contracted to a soap opera. For over a decade, she portrayed nurse Linda Metcalf on NBC’s “Another World.” Immediately, the singer and theater actress turned soap opera star was faced with a harsh reality — makeup options available to performers of color were far and in-between.

In response, Moore, alongside her husband, Billy Helms, a veteran cosmetologist and esthetician, launched Vera Moore Cosmetics in 1979 – a beauty brand advocating the importance of natural beauty. “Our mantra is that ‘skincare is the foundation – makeup is an accessory,’” Moore told

With over three decades in the beauty industry, and a highly successful cosmetic line, Moore dished on six beauty do’s and don’ts for your 30s and beyond.

For Skin

DO: “I’m glad you said skin first. A lot of us just don’t take care of our skin properly. When we get our nails done, we clean, scrub, moisturize, and polish them before we put on a top coat. But we don’t do that with our skin. For beautiful skin, it’s important to exfoliate,” said Moore.

“Think of your skin as an orange. You know how it’s full of tiny holes-let’s call them pores. Our skin is very similar. In order to really remove dirt and oil, we have to scrub our skin with an exfoliant. This can’t be achieved by washing your face alone,” Moore added.

“Depending on your skin type, you could do it twice a week. Masks are also a good option; those you can do from home. Just don’t sleep in it,” she added. “Of course, you have to know what your skin type is: oily, dry, or combination, before you select products to treat it.”

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Don’t: “Contour. Stop trying to look like the girl in the magazine, because you’re not her. She’s fake anyway. This trend of wearing excessive concealer under the eyes, contouring the nose—not even blending it. I understand it’s on trend, but come on, they’re over doing it-splashing it all over the place,” Moore continued.

“A lot of times, when these women remove all of the concealer, foundation, powder, highlighter, etc., they have beautiful skin. Applying all of these products can actually be problematic and age you.”