Black Chemist Creates Clothing Line To Celebrate The Beauty Of Melanin

originate? Why’d you decide to go with that for your label?

Deirdre Robinson: It’s a specific type of melanin which makes our skin brown and our hair black. I wanted to point to the specific types of melanin that really makes us our skin tones rich and beautiful as Black people.

BDO: There’s been an uptick in interest around melanin in pop culture lately. What do you attribute to the recent popularity in the black aesthetic?

Deirdre Robinson: We’ve always known that black people push the culture forward but right now we’re taking more ownership in our contributions. If we don’t get invited to the table, we create our own. We’re starting to appreciate our own melanin so others are following.

BDO: Explain the connection between your passion for chemistry and Eumelanin.

Deirdre Robinson: I’ve always been heavily interested in Black culture. I’ve spoken on