Black Chemist Creates Clothing Line To Celebrate The Beauty Of Melanin

Using her love of science as a way to celebrate Black pride, Detroit-based Chemist Deirdre Roberson created her fashion line Eumelanin. With apparel filled with various hues, Eumelanin encourages self-pride by literally wearing your unique self on your sleeve.

We recently sat down with Deirdre to speak on why she created the line and so much more. Take a look: (BDO): What was your motivation behind creating your own fashion line?

Deirdre Robinson: I’ve always been in tune with fashion. It came together when I was in a pitch competition (in Feb 2018) and I decided to put the chemical structure of melanin on a shirt and everyone loved it. How can I make this stylish? I wanted to make the shirt in different skin tones. Take it to another level and make it possible

BDO: Where did the name Eumelanin