Caregiver Fatigue Can Wear You Out! Here’s What Can Be Done…

Life is full of uncertainties, and that includes when a loved one might need a caregiver. Most people wouldn’t think twice about serving as a caregiver if someone they loved had the misfortune of developing a terminal illness or was left disabled after a severe accident or stroke.

At the moment, it is hard to see beyond the need of your loved one, and it would feel selfish to most if they took a moment to think through how this decision could affect them directly. They take on that role wholeheartedly, but eventually, it can take a toll on them, physically and mentally. The signs of caregiver fatigue can resemble depression:

-Low or irritable mood
-Decreased interest in activities that were previously enjoyed
-Changes in sleep
-Fatigue, both emotionally and physically
-Impaired concentration and memory
-Appetite and/or weight changes
-Thoughts of wanting to harm yourself or the person being cared for
-Isolating from family and friends
-Weakened immune system leading to more acute illnesses such as colds and flu
-Increased use of substances such as alcohol or sleep aids

Often when I interact with someone who is suffering from caregiver fatigue, they are so overwhelmed with their