Is Your Cell Phone To Blame For These 5 Skin Problems?

woman smiling cell phone
Did you know that every time you’re on your phone you put your skin at risk? Interaction with mobile devices can be harmful to your skin causing acne, wrinkles and dark spots, just to name a few. Try these five tips to save your skin:

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1. Wrinkles 

Did you know there is something referred to as “techneck”? Well apparently there is, and it’s the position you hold your head and neck when you are starring down at a computer or a phone. Consistently doing this can cause wrinkles to form underneath your chin and around your neck. Squinting to see the text on the screen can also cause crow’s feet in the eye area. If you aren’t interested in completely putting the phone down, try using anti-aging creams and focusing them around the eyes and neck. Algenist Firming and Lifting Neck Cream is a great option.

2. Allergies 

Ever notice you have a rash forming on your face after a long conversation with your bestie? Recent studies suggest that the nickel and chromium on the casings of a lot of cellular devices can cause skin allergies called contact dermatitis. As a solution, try a screen protector and a case, and if that just isn’t cutting it, use a hands-free headset.

3. Acne

Did you know that most cell phones have more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat handle? Sounds disgusting right? All of the sweat, makeup and oils that stay on the surface of your phone eventually just accumulate, and may be the culprit/reason for those pimples right along your cheekbone. Try cleaning off your phone daily. Use a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. That should do the trick!

4. Under eye circles

Electronic devices like phones and computers are proven to throw off your internal sleep rhythms. They keep your brain up and therefore shorten your REM sleep session. Less sleep = eye bags. Try to pry your hands off your phone at an earlier hour so that your brain can begin to rest as you prepare to go to bed. Also, put your phone on silent. The chimes and notifications are bound to ruin your good night of sleep.

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5. Dark spots

Ever been up talking to your boo for so long the screen actually began to feel hot on your face? The overheating of the device can actually cause skin damage. The melanin production can be thrown off from the added heat from your phone. To combat this, try to limit your time on the phone to something more reasonable. If this isn’t possible, try using a hands-free headset or speakerphone.

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