Chicago Bears Fan Uses Football Sunday To Reclaim His Health

Originally Published On NBC Chicago Nov 13, 2019 at 4:00 PM | Updated at 6:59 PM CST on Nov 13, 2019

Written by: By Chris Hush


An Indiana man in desperate need of a kidney transplant took his quest to Soldier Field on Sunday, and while his homemade sign didn’t make it on television, he says that a stranger’s social media post could help save his life.

Marcus Edwards, like many other fans, had an opportunity to make a sign prior to the Bears’ game against the Detroit Lions earlier this week. As soon as he had the poster board and markers in his hands, he knew exactly what he wanted to write:

His phone number, blood type, and a plea for a kidney from a living donor:


Edwards’ quest really began when he got a huge surprise from his wife: tickets to his first ever Bears game at Soldier Field…. Read More at NBC Chicago

If you are a match for Edwards’ blood type, he has requested that potential donors call the Living Donor Program hotline at 1-859-323-2467, or his personal phone number at 502-767-6267.