A Message All Young Black Men Need To Hear

Alumni and supporters of Morehouse across the internet were posting celebratory messages as the reported 750-member incoming class was said to be the largest freshman class in history.

Seven hundred-fifty was released as a projected total, said one long-time employee of the college, but the number has not been reached at this time. The official could not release the exact number at this time, he said, since enrollment is still underway.

Despite that this year’s enrollment may not be record-breaking, the message to this year’s freshman class is something to hold on to. As speaker Denzel Fields addresses the crowd of young men on their first week of classes, he conjures up a spirit of hope, determination and power like non other. The promise of strength in Black men that we all knew was there, but rarely seen. Take a look at the video below.

“I am not a mistake.”
“I am chosen.”