Emmanuel Lewis: More Than Meets The Eye

emmanuel-lewisIt has been over two decades since Emmanuel Lewis made his debut on his hit TV show, “Webster”, yet he still gets fan mail. The ABC series star reveals, “The only place I can go where I’m not mobbed is my house.”

Lewis, now 44 appears not to have aged much since his sitcom days, a fact that he insists isn’t attributable to any debilitating medical condition. He divides his time between houses in Atlanta and L.A., both of which he shares with his mother and four siblings.

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He also had huge fame in Japan; recording a song which topped the Japanese music charts, and starred in a television movie, made for Japanese audiences.

Lewis, who was born in Brooklyn, New York currently stands 3 ft, 6in, in height and keeps in shape through healthy eating and his love for the martial art: Tae Kwon Do. He’s an avid practicer of the art form and is a certified Black Belt. There are two main benefits that Lewis gets from tae known do:

tae kwon doI. Self-Discipline
Taekwondo offers a variety of movements, patterns, strikes, kicks and punches that keep the mind stimulated and the body strong. Learning to control your movements, perfect your forms and memorize patterns takes concentration and…