Ethically Produced Apparel & Goods = The New Wave

Black consumers now have a voice more than ever. If we don’t agree with something politically, racially or ethically, we have the power to get you up and out. Nothing holds truer than the racially-driven mishap by H&M brand that put a monkey hoodie on a small chocolate boy.

I consciously haven’t shopped there since. Some things just can’t be overlooked. This goes for the millions of fashion houses that traffic their goods out of under-developed communities in China and Africa for minuscule prices and under harsh work conditions.

We now have a choice. The internet so graciously unveils another side of the coin that embraces ethically produced, organic and fair waged goods by some of the most high-quality and compelling brands. And guess what? Most are ran and created by people that look just like me and you.

Looking for quality and a connection to good? Check out these ethically produced brands that are creating a new wave of consciousness:

Brother Vellies

Toronto-native, former Los Angeles resident, and current New York City-transplant, Creative Director and founder Aurora James started Brother Vellies in Brooklyn just after finding herself traveling to and