Get Colorful For A Better Mood!

Photo by Maria Badasian on Unsplash

In an age where most people are trying to achieve subtle perfection, you may begin to find that the world around you is looking quite bland. If you ever notice that your mood trapped in the ordinary, it could be because your life is lacking a little color. All day, every day, our eyes encounter colors in ways that are seemingly harmless. But the truth is, there’s more to color than what meets the eye, and whether or not we want to admit it, color actually does have the power to control and shift the way we feel. Here are just a few examples of how integrating more color into your life can actually influence your mood.

Adding the right colors can increase productivity and positivity

One of the reasons you may feel a bit stuck in your standard routine is because you aren’t adding enough energizing colors into your life. As you begin to play around with colors you think you want more of in your life, it’s important to be aware of the hues that will help your mood the most in the long run.

The next time you’re debating switching up the paint in your office, go with a shade of blue, which is proven to spark productivity. The color blue has also been shown to calm individuals who are experiencing stress, making it the perfect color to have by your desk when you’re worried about a deadline. If you’re truly looking to energize your mood and be more positive, the color yellow would also be a great fit for you! Incorporating more