Good Posture Matters! 8 Tips To Teach Your Child Today!

Summer break is officially over and it’s time for our kids to enter the school hallways for another year of learning and fun. You’ve stocked up on all the items on the school supply list, but have you thought of ways to preserve your child’s posture?  Implementing good posture habits with these simple tips will position your kids for a pain-free school year.

Why Is Posture Important?

When you were a kid, you probably remember hearing your teachers or your parents saying to you, “Sit up straight!” or “Don’t slouch!”  Like most kids, you probably didn’t think it was all that important.   Turns out that the adults were right!  Good posture helps to stand, walk, sit, lie without putting unnecessary wear and tear on our muscles, joints, and internal organs.  This helps to prevent sports injuries, joint and muscle pain, and early onset degenerative joint disease.

Smart Device Posture

Our kids won’t be putting away the smartphones and tablets just because summer break is over.  However, too much time on smart devices can cause an imbalance in the muscles of the spine and upper body.  This can lead to