Heart Emergency Warning Signs For Black Women

A doctor checking an elderly patient's heart with a stethoscopeUnfortunately, cardiovascular disease (CVD) often strikes without warning, and the first hint of it may be sudden death, a heart attack, or a stroke. However, there are some things that may tip you off that you are headed for big trouble. These are called symptoms and signs.

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For instance, pain in the chest is a classic symptom of an impending heart attack, and it means that your heart is literally crying out for help. It is called angina. Black women do not experience it as commonly as white women, for reasons that are not entirely clear.

It may also occur in locations other than the chest such as the back, arm, and even the jaw. It may or may not be associated with activity. If it does occur, it may be misinterpreted as indigestion or an upset stomach. The best advice is, don’t take a chance—go to the nearest hospital right away to be checked to make sure you are not having a heart attack.

This is crucial, because half of the people who have a heart attack die on the first occasion. You may not get a second chance if you are having a heart attack and don’t get immediate medical attention. So use 911—that’s what it’s there for. Better safe than sorry.

Shortness of breath

fast heartbeat

excessive sweating

unexplained weakness and tiredness

nausea and dizziness may also occur.

High blood pressure may not cause any signs or symptoms warning you of its presence until something happens, such as a stroke or heart attack. For this reason, it is called the “silent killer”. You really do need to get that blood pressure checked by a doctor, and more than one time. When hypertension does cause symptoms, they may include headache, dizziness, rapid heart beat (palpitations), or blurred vision. But don’t wait until these symptoms occur, because…