Here’s How Poor Nutrition Is Causing An Increase In Dementia

remove the picture in your mind of sugar just being a condiment on a table.

In this country, sugar is fed to us in many different forms and it is present in large amounts, in more food than most people realize. It is important for us to note this because sugar, unfortunately, has a very negative impact on our brains. Many forms of sugar are in fast foods and processed foods that we eat. It is also hiding in plain sight in many less suspecting foods like yogurt, salad dressings, and pasta sauces.

There are at least 61 different names for sugars listed on food labels varying from sucrose, dextrose, rice syrup, and barley malt.

Therefore, those of us who eat fast food sandwiches, fries, and sweets more often than not are putting ourselves at risk for dementia or specifically Alzheimer’s disease. Our brains are amazing organs made up of billions of cells sending signals throughout our entire body 24 hours a day.

Many of us pride ourselves on using the best products for our clothing, education, our cars, and other aspects of our lives but when it comes to our nutrition we fall short.

Sugar is everywhere in America. The USDA estimates that the average American consumes close to 150-170 pounds of sugar each year. A typical 20-ounce bottle of sugar-sweetened pop has 15-18 tsp worth of sugar.

When we eat foods that are rich in sugar we damage the cells of our precious brain.

So it is no wonder that in America, 1-9 Americans over 65 have