How To Create Sacred Space During Sex

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So many people leave sexual situations up to the chance that both partners will be ready and willing to get it on at any time anywhere, but planning out your sexcapades ensures blissful ecstasy. When it comes to ensuring a sexual experience is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, there must be an area or sacred space that is dedicated to erotic play.

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So what exactly is a sacred space?

Typically, the bedroom is deemed as the go-to room for erotic expression, but a sacred space can be anywhere you feel the most comfortable during your intimate moments.  Once you have chosen your place of comfort, the next step is to consecrate the space as a “sex only” zone.  When you plan to have a session, make sure you turn the area into an oasis of comfort by dimming the lights (or turning them off all together), lighting a few candles, playing soft music that both partners enjoy and adding anything else that will put the spirit at ease and the mind in the mode of sexual healing.


Why is this preparation important?

When both partners are in a place of comfort and safety, the mind of each person has the space to let go of inhibitions and stresses that have been built up during the day and focus on the sex ahead.  Men, on average, are ready to roll in the sack within a few seconds of being aroused, but a woman’s body must be in a state of comfort and she must feel safe in order for her to open up and be receptive. If a woman is in a space that doesn’t feel safe or comfortable, her body will shut down and treat her partner’s member as a threat and deny entry.

Creating a sacred space is necessary for building a deeper bond and an open, erotic life.


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