Is Marriage A Distraction?

African American couple happyIn a recent interview on the Angie Martinez show, rapper, actor and family man T.I. spoke on the separation between him and soon to be former wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris. T.I. tried to bring perspective to their breakup by stating that though they do remain on good terms, he recognizes that he is, “a better best friend than a husband.”

T.I. went on to explain how his marriage “deterred” and “distracted” him from his current goals, and that he doesn’t have the time to be a “thoughtful and considerate” husband. This self-realization for T.I. comes a little too late seeing as he should have known this prior to marriage, but his transparency sheds light on a common rationale for many others out there.

Most topics surrounding marriage make it seem like a fairytale, but are T.I.’s remarks true? Do many people fear/feel that marriage is an obstacle or something that will hold them back from success?

In T.I.’s case,  it’s a bit hard to understand when Tiny has probably become the #1 example of what one would call a “ride or die” chick, and T.I. is nothing short of successful. But for others, feeling like their marriage is holding them back just might be valid.