Is Your Doctor Biased? Subtle Ways You Can Tell

The recent pandemic has shown that African Americans have not fared well in the medical system. Blacks have had 35% of deaths, while only comprising 13.4% of the US population. With those statistics, some may even say the medical system has failed them.

Every year, upward of 12 million Americans see a physician and come away with a wrong diagnosis. Nearly 1/3 of those are African American. So, could it be just bad judgement? Maybe missing facts? Or could it be something more?

The Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality’s Center for Diagnostic Excellence found that judgment errors accounted for 86 percent of 55,377 medical malpractice claims he evaluated where misdiagnosis led to death or disability. The judgment blame bucket includes an assortment of knowledge gaps, inattentions, misinterpretations and what many are seeing now: implicit bias.