Jaleel White: Family Matters, Fatherhood & Being 40+

jaleel-coverMost of us remember the lovable nerd character, Steve Urkel, on the long-running hit show, Family Matters. Actor Jaleel White, who brought that character to life is now all grown up, a father to a beautiful girl, over the age of 40 and we’re wondering where did the time go?

Yes, we are that old, lol.

White has been acting since the age of four. Before Family Matters, White was actually cast in the role of “Rudy” on the Cosby Show. The character was originally intended to be male but was replaced by Keshia Knight Pulliam when Bill Cosby decided to mirror his television family after his real life family.

White originally appeared on Family Matters as a guest star at age 12, but his one-time appearance boosted the ratings and he landed a permanent role on the show – making his catchphrase, “Did I do that?” a common saying in American homes during the late 80s and 90s.

Since the show ended, White got his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles for theater, film and television, still acts on a number of television shows, has done movies, is an accomplished voice-over actor, produces web series and has a beautiful little girl who he spent his birthday with.

“Everyone deserves a weekend of eating everything in sight with the ppl they love the most,” White shared on his 40th birthday on Instagram.

(Jaleel White and daughter [Photo credit: JaleelWhite Instagram])

(Jaleel White and daughter [Photo credit: JaleelWhite Instagram])

When he looks back over his career, Jaleel shares what it really boils down to.

“The way I see it, I just want to do good work. I figure that over my lifetime, if I’m able to just stack together the work, then people will be able to draw their own conclusions about what I am as an artist and what I am as a person.”

Despite what people may have read or think, White still affectionately likes to hear ‘Family Matters’ fans recognize him or call out his character’s name.

“It’s 100% flattering,” beams White. “People say the nicest things to me everywhere I go. I cannot pass through airport security without getting the full range of reactions from TSA. Yesterday, I was standing on a corner trying to cross the street and there was a busload of high school kids at the light and they screamed, ‘We love you Stefan!’ I kinda laughed and I waved to the buses. And two weeks ago, an 8-year-old girl comes running up to me and goes,…