Best Exercises To Tone Your Arms

african american woman with both arms in the airNo more being afraid to wear a chic sexy sleeveless dress or tank top because you’ve got a bad case of the arm jiggles.

Of course you can’t just wish for this to happen, you’ve got to work it! So, work it you will. Here’s what you need to tone and firm the jiggle zone. Let the sculpting begin!

You’ll need to be fully loaded with:

  •     Motivation and determination
  •     Dedicated time on your schedule – you need to do your strengthening exercises twice per week over 30 minutes
  •     Floor workout mat or towels
  •     A few hand dumbbells and/or elastic tubing
  •     Access to a gym is optional

Cardio: Although emphasis must be placed on weight training, you must be doing your fat burning cardio as well. Aim to stay as physically active as you can every day. Schedule a 400 calorie cardio session 4-5 days per week incorporating intensity intervals.

Pushup and Sculpt Up

This nifty little exercise actually works six muscles at once – biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, abdominals and glutes. Get onto all fours on a mat or fold three towels – one placed under each bent knees and one where your forehead will touch the ground.

Kneeling on the towels with ankles crossed, position your hands shoulder width apart on the floor directly underneath your shoulders. With elbows as well as your back straight, and holding your body weight, tuck your chin in and slowly lower yourself until your forehead touches the towel or mat. Your chest should not touch the floor.

Now push yourself back up to the starting position. The goal is to gradually train and build so that you can do 10 repetitions. Don’t fret if you do one and find yourself speed dialing 911. We’ve all been there. Just be patient and keep good form. Excellent form is the most important thing.

Get Rid Of That Jiggle

It’s the fat that surrounds the triceps that tends to flap in the wind. How about we strengthen that triceps and keep the sculpting happening?

Grab a single arm dumbbell – from 1-10 pounds for beginners – in just one hand. It helps to do this in front of a mirror so that you can watch your form. Find an armless chair, stool or bench. Bend over and place the hand without the weight onto one of these for stability.

Keeping your back straight, looking forward, and bend the weight bearing arm so that the elbow is in alignment with the body roughly a your waist. Now, without moving any other part of your body, straighten your arm straight back so that the weight is now lined up with your rear. Hold for a count of two and then gradually come back to your bent elbow start position.

Now you can see why this exercise is called the kick back by gym rats. Your goal is to do three sets of 5-10 on each side. Again, be patient with yourself. Learn the form and practice, practice, practice.

Put the Bite in Your Biceps

It’s time to do your biceps curls. Grab a pair of single arm dumbbells anywhere from 1- 10 pounds. Sit on a stool or chair, maintaining excellent posture, engaging your core abdominal muscles to help you keep your back straight. Your start position is hanging your arms down by your sides.

Slowly bend your elbows aiming your lower arm toward your shoulders. Your body is completely in control and doesn’t move except for your lower arms. Your goal is to isolate your biceps muscle. As soon as you reach the level of your shoulder give your biceps an extra squeeze before slowly lowering to the start position. Switch arms and repeat. The goal is to do three sets of ten repetitions with an increase in weight by 1-2 pounds as you advance through the sets.

Pull Up Those Jiggles

You’ll need either a sturdy table or grab two sturdy chairs and lay a strong pole or broom across them a few feet apart. Grab your mat and lay flat on the floor. With both handles, grab either the edge of the table or the pole, palms shoulder-distance apart and facing in.

Tighten your abdominals, keep your neck straight and now lift yourself off the floor as high as you can. Hold for a count of two, and slowly lower yourself back to the floor. The goal is to perform as many of these as you can while maintaining excellent form.