Love Doesn’t Hurt: Domestic Violence, Exploitation & Titi Branch

Sisters, Miko and Titi Branch

Sisters, Miko and Titi Branch

Love—such a powerful word; a word full of emotion and splendor. And yet a word that too often gets confused with obsession and possessiveness. It’s our interpretations of love that really give love a good or bad rap. Do men love different from women?  Shouldn’t a woman and a man be able to express love in whatever ways they know best? There are varying opinions about that.

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The love of a good partner is like good soul food. It fills you up! It makes you feel as if you can do anything, be anything, conquer the highest obstacle. But when the highs of an intimate partnership fall into the pit of solitude, isolation and fear it can be overwhelming and frightening trying to find an easy way out.

According to statistics, 1 out of every 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. And at minimum, 1 in 3 female homicide victims will occur at the hands of a woman’s current or former intimate partner. Is that love? Is that the passion women live for? Of course not!

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So how does violence and exploitation get confused with love?