Lung Cancer Survivor Praises Her Way Through Remission Anxiety

Connie Williams lung cancerIn 2003, Connie Williams was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She endured a heavy dose of radiation for one month, and with consistent follow-ups, believed that she had left cancer behind. However in 2010, Connie was treated for a small cancer spot on her left lung, and four years later, her doctor found a second cancer nodule in the same location.

“I didn’t experience any symptoms, but during my six month check-up in October 2014 my TSH level was 59, which was an indication something was wrong,” the now 65-year-old lung cancer survivor tells “My endocrinologist scheduled a CT and PET scan, at which time they found a small tumor in my left lung under the aorta.”

With high hopes of starting the New Year cancer-free, Connie underwent thoracic surgery on December 31, 2014. Thanks to the special care of her team at the Cancer Center and her positive attitude, Connie successfully completed five weeks of intense radiation on her lungs and chest area.

Throughout her treatment process, she continued working and…