Lyft & Uber Drivers Deserve Nobel Peace Prizes

I know I know, a Nobel Peace Prize might seem like a bit of stretch, but hear me out nonetheless. And if you’re still not convinced after this read maybe a humanitarian award or at least a couple years of free gas may seem more reasonable.

They say not all heroes wear capes. Well, some of them actually drive for Uber and Lyft instead, but what good is a superhero without a cool superpower? If you ask me, Uber and Lyft drivers have some of the coolest super powers of all time – reducing the occurrence of drunk driving, DUIs and associated deaths – all at the palm of their hands. They faithfully answer to the thousands upon thousands of bat-signals piercing the sky night in and night out, 24-7, 365.

What effect does this luxury of having an easily accessible distress signal have on you? You get even more inebriated! (Don’t worry, though, you’ll regret the hangover in the morning). Regardless, you get to pour an extra drink or two and throw back a few more shots than normal while your friends sing along to songs as if they actually wrote them. In the end, it all equals great vibes with even greater people.

The party is just getting started because now you’re raging in some bar or club, singing at the top of your lungs, living life to the fullest and the establishment is loving it! Why? Because you’re mindlessly spending even more money on beverages that’ll have you looking at your bank account in shock the following morning (we’ve all been there…except me of course).

The catalyst in all this extra fun is the peace of mind in knowing you will safely reach your destination and make it back home in one piece. There is nothing in life more