5 Massages For Common Headaches

woman with headache

When it comes to pain, headaches are often at the top of many people’s problem lists. Almost half of adults worldwide have suffered from at least one in the past year. But, a massage therapy appointment may be just what you need to soothe the tension.

Here are massage techniques to help five of the common headache types you may be experiencing, as suggested by the Institute for Integrative Healthcare.

1. Tension

If your headache exists on both sides of your head, chances are it’s a tension headache. These headaches feel like something is pressing your head on both sides. Choose a massage with slow moving techniques, such as a Shiatsu or Swedish massage, but refrain from anything involving deep tissue techniques.

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2. Sinus

When your sinuses are clogged with fluid and inflamed, you can get serious headache pain. Although the only way to get rid of a sinus infection is to be treated by a physician, a light massage around the eyes can help relieve pain by getting the fluid moving again.

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