Method Man: A Legend In the Making 25+ Years Later

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Clifford Smith, better known as Wu-Tang Clan member and hip-hop legend Method “M-E-T-H-O-D” Man, has had platinum-selling albums, acted in major movies and continues to tour the world with his music. Known as a fun-loving, hardworking MC, the 48-year-old is definitely not your typical idea of what a rapper is, Method Man is also a family man. He’s dedicated to his Wu-Tang family as well as his real family.

Wu-Tang are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). They recently played “Protect Ya Neck” and “C.R.E.A.M.” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Their new short film, For the Children: 25 Years of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), is out today on YouTube.

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He has also been known to go to bat for his wife in the past. A Rolling Stone report noted his wife’s cancer battle and how Method Man battled with a popular radio host who appeared to mock her.

On an even more serious note, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it into remission — but now Meth is feuding with Wendy Williams after the New York radio personality made light of his wife’s illness on the air. The rapper showed up at the station earlier to counter — only to discover that Williams would not have him on her show. “My wife is one of the strongest people on the planet,” says Meth. “I just want to make Wendy Williams aware of exactly what it felt like to be sitting in that hospital room, watching them pump this poison into the one you love.”

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His personal health is something that Method Man takes seriously now. He stopped eating meat in favor of plant-based foods following years of hearing the benefits of eating vegetables from fellow Wu-Tang member, GZA.

Wu-Tang’s GZA, a longtime vegetarian, said that he frequently poked fun at his friends for dining on animal products. “I used to tease Meth all the time about him eating steaks…but he just recently came up to me and said both he and Redman are adopting the vegetarian lifestyle now.”

In a interview on Eater, Method Man revealed that he had shared videos about the health impacts of consuming a typical meat-heavy Western diet to other members of Wu-Tang and family to encourage them to make the switch to a plant-based diet.

Method man dished three of his best tips to adopting a healthy diet:

1.) Hit up Whole Foods — Method Man’s a big proponent of the healthy chain’s many ready-to-go offerings. Method Man was also quick to texturized vegetable protein (meat-like) crumbles and veggie burger selections.

2.) Go Green (all vegetables that is): Method Man’s all about edamame and emphasizes the skin purifying qualities of the vegetable.