Michael Vick: Walking The Walk

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Quick. Agile. Unstoppable. Folks have said many things about his life off the field, but Michael Vick’s gifts and athleticism on the field are rarely disputed. He went from being a top quarterback to being ridiculed and chastised for dog-fighting and even did time. But after serving his sentence, Vick was back to being the 2nd top paid quarterback in the NFL.

“It’s evident that I need a relationship with Jesus Christ,” explains Vick. “Just look at everything that I’ve been through. Look at my walk. Look at how I’ve been able to come back. Look at what I’ve been given. Even in my darkest moments, those are the times when you need to lean on Christ. Why wouldn’t you? Who else are you going to lean on?”

michael vick

Vick continues, “Before I go to sleep now I make sure I take time to say my prayers regardless of what type of day I had, regardless of what type of night I had. I give thanks throughout the day, now. I thank God for the clothing I have. I thank God for me being able to wake up and be with my kids and my family and the blessings that I’ve been given.”

“So, I’m following in the footsteps that I’m supposed to follow in. (I’m) Walking the walk that I’m supposed to walk. I think I’m favored. I feel like I got to give my blessings. I feel like I got to give my thanks. So I make sure my priorities are in order. I make sure I walk that walk, and I’m being obedient, even though I’m not a saint. I don’t do everything right. I think it’s all in your belief and how strong it is. And I think mine is stronger than most.”

The 36-year-old NFL superstar and New York Jets quarterback is still the all-time leading rusher of his position and continues to be a double threat QB that can both throw and move with the speed of a running back. Being fast comes with a high risk for injury, but Vick has learned the keys to playing safe.

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“It’s very important for me to keep my legs in shape, ” said Vick. “It’s a big part of what I do, and it’s just something that I can’t take for granted.”


Hamstring injuries are prevalent for fast players like Vick, but he attributes his nearly injury-free career to doing “a good job of stretching.” Stretching is vitally important for improving circulation and helps…