My Story: Saved By The Scan Gave Me A New Voice

“I was afraid that I might die, but I was also frightened that I might not sing again…”

Music has the power to transform situations and people. It evokes memories that were made when we first heard our favorite tunes or motivates us while we create and accomplish news goals.

Millicent Wilson, a 62-year-old mother of two and a grandmother of five can relate to how transformative music really is. With her favorite song being “At Last” by Miss Etta James, this dynamic vocalist knows the power of a great song. She was also reminded how much it meant to her the day she was diagnosed with lung cancer and thought she may never be able to sing again.

While watching tv one night, Milli saw a woman in a PSA climbing up a mountain of cigarette butts. Intrigued by the visuals, Milli listened closely to the message about lung cancer risks that were being shared with her in the PSA and began to think about her mother and brother who were both previously diagnosed with lung cancer and