Q&A: Allergic To Copper-T IUD

woman shaking doctors handQ:
How can I find out if I’m allergic to the copper-T IUD?

A: The Copper IUD is used as an effective long term, reversible birth control method. The Copper IUD is placed in the uterus and offers up to 10 years of birth control.

The most common side effect of the Copper IUD is heavy bleeding during periods. Allergies to Copper IUDs are rare but are possible in patients with known copper allergies. Signs and symptoms may include swelling, redness, and itching but these are signs for certain vaginal infections as well.

It is important to see a women’s health specialist to discuss your specific signs and symptoms to determine if the Copper IUD may be the cause. A patch test can be performed by an allergy specialist or dermatologist to determine if you are allergic to copper. If so, the Copper IUD can be easily removed and an alternative birth control method can be chosen.

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