Running Low? 5 Ways Men Can Increase Their Sperm Count

Image: Scientific American

Think you may be running low at the sperm bank? It can, and does happen. Conceiving isn’t only up to a woman, a man has to prepare himself too. Check out 5 ways men can increase their sperm count:

1. Stop Drinking

Yes, take your last sip now. Well, at least until you’ve successfully conceived. For those who can’t seem to put the bottle down, habitual alcohol consumption can damage the quality, structure, and movement of sperm by preventing the liver from properly metabolizing vitamin A, which is required for sperm development.

In addition, scientific studies have reported that alcohol can cause problems for the testes. If you have a drink or two in moderation, it won’t completely take away your chances for conceiving, but it is advised to cut down and avoid binge or habitual drinking to increase your chances of conceiving.

2. Eliminate Tobacco
Smoking can affect more than just your lungs, it can impact your