Say What? Gluten-Free Condoms Are Now Available

Image: My Gluten-Free Life

Some subscribe to the gluten-free lifestyle for dietary reasons and for others it’s a matter of life or death. So, what really happens to someone with real gluten allergies? Well, gluten sensitivity range from full-blown celiac disease with small bowel inflammation and damage, to the allergy to intolerance of gluten. What pretty much happens is a lot of bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tiredness, and nasty skin rashes start to appear on your skin. Not fun.

So, as the skies opened and God shined down, the market has finally provided gluten-free condoms and people are racking them up, big-time.

Where can you find these bad boys?

Online only, of course! But fret not, stores are starting to pick up the demand and you’ll start to see them on shelves in no time. For now, green thumb subscription-based companies like Glyde, Green Condom Club, Sustain, and now