Seeking Mental Health Assurance Through Teletherapy

The topic of mental health has been on my newsfeeds consistently all year now. I think it is an amazing time for mental health and we are really dealing with a lot of generational issues. We are able to unpack cultural traumas, childhood issues, and focus on some of the issues we may not have even known we had.


However, with technology mental health access and assistance has gotten even easier & cheaper.

Here are a few Pros To Teletherapy regardless of the company you choose

1. Ease Of Access – if you have access to a computer or a smartphone, you have access to the help you need.

2. Convenience – due to this ease of access you can have access at your convenience. You want to text to communicate, you can even do that with certain options.

3. Privacy – some people just don’t want to be seen walking into a building or leaving one. There is stigma still with